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They knew. I dontknow how but they knew they were on the way home. Anamazing reunion on Christmas Eve. I brought them to the apt. their family was living in. When they walked in these little babies, who didnt take to strangers immediately, ran into the house and jumped all over mom and dad. They were estatic and I, of course, was in tears. I sat talking with the family for almost an hour. While I weas talking to Mom I heard Dad saying over and over, ” I am so sorry babies, I will never leave you again….never”. I had a tough time holding in tears this whole time.
As I prepared to leave, I thanked them for a wonderful Christmas gift…being a part of this reunion. Dad thanked me, told me I had just brought them their Christmas, and then said how perfect it being Christmas Eve and all. I told him to stop or I was going to start crying again. He told me he was barely holding it in. Well, I had to give him a hug. He lost it….tears came aflowing. Then my tears and Moms tears. It was….the best Christmas gift I received. As I left the house Sassy was curled on mommas lap, Suling was showing off a toy to Daddy and Yancie was right at Mommas feet. What a great trip!!

PS…These wonderful people lost everything ….everything. Here I was with a home, etc. and they gave me a thank you gift. I cant tell you what that felt like, opening this gift up and it really sinking in how much this meant to them…me bringing their babies home. They have nothing left, yet they still made sure to give to me…more tears (:

mickyatesSanAntonio / Houston, Texas USA, North America, Danakay